Because of dry eye, the doctor’s advice is to use Dian Bishu, and it will be reexamined within 14 days. After 12 days of examination, it was found that the intraocular pressure increased to 38 and 39 (the intraocular pressure had been normal before, ranging from 14 to 16). The doctor told the doctor to stop Dianbi immediately and use Pelamine to lower the intraocular pressure. At present, the intraocular pressure drops to 17 after 4 days of using pyridamine. Excuse me: 1. When doctors use Dian Bishu in doctor’s advice, should they tell me to check intraocular pressure at any time, so as not to cause intraocular pressure increase for 12 days continuously? 2. At present, the intraocular pressure has dropped, but will the optic nerve cause irreparable damage due to the previous high intraocular pressure? 3. How to determine whether the optic nerve is damaged?

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