My mother is 49 years old, Often insomnia, It’s always easy to think too carefully or think too much, She is easy to think about many things, My dad cheated on me once, Makes my mother very angry, Causing my mother to have a headache, My dad apologized, too, We don’t talk about it all this time, But my mother can’t help thinking about it. She often suffers from insomnia and wakes up early. It was very uncomfortable, and I went to the hospital to hang up the neurology examination. The doctor said there was nothing wrong with it, But recently I found that the symptoms are similar to depression. My mother has no problem communicating and thinking now. Can also work, It’s just that I often suffer from insomnia and wake up early, and I feel pain in my arms and legs all over my body. When I wake up in the morning, I easily think about many bad things before. I let her not think about those things. She said that she can’t control her brain and wants to come out and tell herself that she doesn’t want to, but she still can’t control it. I want to ask what suggestions I have, is it psychotherapy or what to do

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