The left eye was swollen in the first four or five days, The left eye is less open than the right eye, Bloodshot white eyeballs, Seeing things is a little blurred (mostly when getting up in the morning), Some pain, Then I went to the Eye Hospital on New Year’s Day, After several examinations (the results are as follows), the doctor said it was conjunctivitis, and prescribed eye drops to drip back. Then, from yesterday afternoon, the left head began to hurt a little and felt dizzy. Then this morning, I felt dizzy and headache, a little nausea, my left eye was swollen, my eyes were easy to spend, and my eyes were often blurred, but after rubbing my eyes, they were not blurred. I see glaucoma is also these symptoms, so I am worried that I have glaucoma, but I don’t have the current rainbow vision phenomenon, my eyes are not very painful or fuzzy and easy to flower, and my eyes are not very red as a whole. I feel a little bloodshot when I drop eye drops. So what is my situation now? Is the next step to continue to drop eye drops or go to the hospital to do what examination?

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