Symptom timeline arrangement: (At present, the reason is not clear, but the doctors who have seen it speculate that it is an immune disease) ① From the end of September to the beginning of November, 2021 (anxiety): iritis. ② October 2021: The four and five fingers of the right hand are numb but not serious. ② In the middle and last ten days of November, 2021, the waist is easy to ache and can’t sit for a long time. It lasts for about a week and disappears. ③ Since mid-December, 2021 (mental anxiety, many things): (1) Severe right half pain, which is located at the right waist and knee at the beginning: there is always soreness at the back of the right waist and thinning of the knee. (2) The pain of the lower back knee is aggravated when it develops to more serious. There is pressure in the neck, pain in the forearm of the right hand, acupuncture in the fingers, and difficulty in writing. Dizziness. (3) The whole body joints bounce (feel lack of oil and need lubrication). For example, when lying flat, the tail joint bounces and has a sense of reset. Straighten up after hunchback sitting, and your spine will feel one track-minded bouncing back. The right cervical vertebra is extremely sore. Intermittent and free systemic joint pain. At the same time, dizziness and fatigue are easy. Eyes continue to feel white mist, and iritis recurs from time to time. (But when I checked the ophthalmology department at the end of January, the doctor said that iritis had been completely cured.) Medical treatment status: In the middle of December, I went to the rheumatology and immunology department, and there was no abnormality in C-reactive protein, cyclic citrullinated peptide antibody and rheumatoid factor. CT of the right knee showed a slight narrowing of the gap. There was no abnormality in CT of right waist and hip. At the end of December, he went to spinal surgery, and there was no abnormality in neck MRI. Previous medical history: scoliosis. No other medical history. Family history: varicose veins

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