During the repair of damaged skin barrier for more than one year, The skin is further deteriorated due to the high oil, high salt and high sugar diet during the Chinese New Year. A large area of acne is cut and redness is serious, I went to the hospital and the doctor prescribed some medicine. There is zinc oxide cream on the face, Growth factor spray, blue moistening and healing biofilm, what is the specific application sequence of these three, and is there any attention in usage (blue moistening is a skin care product in use, which is equivalent to being applied every morning and evening after washing your face. Before that, adapalene gel will be locally applied every night. Do you need adapalene in the future? ) The growth factor written on the medicine list is once a day, and zinc oxide is twice a day, but the doctor said that zinc oxide should be used after spraying the growth factor. I don’t understand it. Attached figure P1 takes the medicine list P2. The current state of the face, thank you for your hard work ~

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