On December 12th, I rubbed outside my girlfriend, but I didn’t go in, but I shot her pubic hair. I don’t know if I went in, and I cleaned it immediately afterwards. On the 14th, I still felt uneasy. I let her take a danmei, Then menstruation came on the 23rd of that month. It was clean in about 4 days, and then abdominal pain appeared when ovulating in January. The second menstruation came on January 20, but it was big red. When she got up on the morning of January 30, she told me that I felt a little nauseous and nauseous. She said it might be because I drank soybean milk on the evening of January 29 and the morning of January 28. She had symptoms of cold, phlegm in throat and runny nose and stuffy nose during this time. Is it because of a cold or pregnancy? This period of time or ovulation period, she told me that there is something flowing below, is this normal?

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