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Private Lending

Many borrowers will not be able to qualify for a conventional loan. Any number of reasons; your credit, income, or the property type might make it difficult or impossible to qualify for a loan.

At Marin Mortgage, we are able to appraise the value of your real estate and use it as collateral to secure loans that a conventional lender will not make. This is a very specialized area of the market and requires personal contact. If you have tried other lenders or brokers and have not been satisfied, contact us or fill out our information form and we will contact you.

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We are able to arrange loans that investor/lenders can help fund. These are loans secured by trust deeds on the underlying property. These trust deeds offer returns that are normally above average returns. These investments are for people that are aware of the risks and can afford the risks. We can provide information on the structure of the investments and the risks they entail. However, this is a very specialized investment and requires individual contact for us to explain and fully disclose the details of these investments. Please contact us directly or fill out our simple information request form. Minimum investments are normally $25,000 and you must complete a suitability form.

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